How to do push-ups when you can’t do push-ups?

July 20, 2021by Stuti Chandwani0

Learning to do a push up is the real struggle. You see so many people do it effortlessly, but when you get down you realise it is not that effortless. It takes up almost everything you can give to your workout, time, consistency, focus and motivation. If you are a newbie and have no idea how to do push-ups, I got you. Even if you know how to do them, you might want to consider these improvement tips.

1. Plank

Plank prepares your core for push-ups. You need to plank every day and increase your time limit regularly. The more solid you grow from head to toe, the easier it will be for you to do push-ups. It will even help you improve your push up posture.

2. Pull-ups

While preparing for push-ups, you don’t need only a strong core, but also strong triceps to carry that core. This is often skipped, but hanging on a bar and doing pull-ups regularly will improve your triceps and better push-ups.

3. Tricep Dip

It is a week spot for many gym-goers. On your every tricep focused day, you should not think of skipping this exercise. You can target this small but important muscle group by completing a set of triceps dips on a raised surface like a sturdy bench.

4. Do not lose faith

It is not something that will come to you in one or two days. It can take weeks before you complete your one set of push-ups. Every time you fall down, you just gotta get back up and try again. Consistency is the key here.

5. Motivation

If you think of giving up on this and you might just focus on the result. You need to remind yourself that you can strengthen multiple muscles at once and even burn calories to lose weight. It even helps in improving your body posture. So do not give up and get to it.

Now, of course, I can’t let you directly jump on push-ups. There are certain push-ups modified for beginners. They are easier to perform and prepare you for your push-ups.

1. Push up against the wall

You should start by placing your hands shoulder-length apart. Bend your elbows to lean towards the wall. If you think it’s too easy, kindly move farther from the wall to increase your difficulty level. Complete 4-5 sets.

2. Push ups on knees

This is a little bit complex. Get into a plank position, but keep your legs down. Now cross your knees as shown in the image and try to do a push-up. Complete 4-5 sets.

After following these simple steps, even Satan can’t stop you from doing well-postured push-ups. Then you can even flex it to your friends and family.

Bottom Line

Doing a push up requires a lot of strength. Not being able to do a push up can be embarrassing among your friend circle but it is nothing to be ashamed of. Just remember that you are doing great and you are the best version of yourself. So firstly, be proud of yourself. I am so proud of you for accepting your weak areas and working to improve them. Do not forget, it’s just a push-up, not your country’s presidential elections. So chill out, you got this. You just got to work on your core and triceps, and you will be ready. 



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