Why are veiny forearms the new six-packs?

June 8, 2021by Kriti Kumar0

How is a man really defined as attractive today?

Is it the best figure or that superheroic smell?

Is it the gigantic body or that sense of humor?

Is it the jawline or that dress to impress the game plan?

Or wait, is it those hot, throbbing visible veins on that forearm?

Thanks to this 21st century, the attraction factor for a man in a woman’s eyes has changed a lot. You must have heard that females directly admire vascular veins, especially on the forearm. It has become the new black and definitely the latest trophy body part. 

In today’s era where hotness is all about huge physique and big muscles, why are veiny forearms becoming the new six-packs?

Say hello to double standards

Before we move forward with anything here, I would like to talk about double standards when it comes to vascular arms and hands.

While Justin Timberlake’s veined arm gathered interest on Entertainment Weekly’s new cover, why were Madonna’s veins airbrushed in Dolce & Gabbana ads?

While Justin Bieber’s veins are celebrated, why are Angelina Jolie’s veiny forearms worry the magazine editors?  

I’ll tell you why. It’s fairly obvious that on a man, a veined and muscled body is a symbol of strength and, let’s face it, masculinity, whereas veins for women are considered a turn-off. 

Madonna’s veins are seen as a flaw. A sign of aging and wrinkles. And Of course, women are supposed to be soft, not strong; young, not old. Which side are you on in this Veiny issue? 

Are you proud or self-conscious of the veins on your forearms?

Why are women so attracted by veiny forearms?

The truth is, it isn’t the vein itself that draws the attention, it’s what the vein represents. Let me support this with some examples.

“Oh, he’s a fitness freak”- Veiny forearms are a result of exercise. It shows that you either spend a lot of time in the gym or are a good sportsperson/athlete As strong forearms indicate the hard work a man puts into exercise, women might find such men attractive.

“No fat lad, damn”- The visible veins on the forearms indicate lack of fat, presence of muscle, and increase in blood flow which is considered healthy. 

“He’s a robust man”- Weightlifting and other types of resistance training can increase vein visibility in the forearms. Good fitness levels tend to enhance a man’s physical beauty, which could be another reason behind all the attraction.

Now tell me, who won’t find a strong, fit and healthy man appealing?


Let me contradict myself,

Veiny arms do not mean fitness. Rather, people can be extremely fit and not have visible veins. On the other hand, others are naturally vascular even if they don’t spend time in the gym at all. 

They can easily be the result of unhealthy patterns. In rare cases, veiny forearms could signal an underlying medical condition, such as inflammation of the vein or a blood clot inside the vein.


While the hot and throbbing vascular body may emerge as the new hotness, some people find veiny forearms equally gross, making them go all nauseous.  It all depends upon individual taste. What might be bitter for you may be sweet for others, right?

Can veiny forearms make you look fit? Yes. Does it actually make you fit? No.

Can veiny forearms make you look stronger? yes. Does it make you more masculine? No.

Can it make you more attractive? Yes. Does it make you any less than others? No.\




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