Myth or Truth: Fasting helps in weight loss

June 17, 2021by Divya Garg0

The way to lose weight has traditionally been to cut calories. Replace those sodas with fruit juices, have an apple instead of cookies and you will shed weight. But instead of calories cut, people take the intense step to reduce their weight. It is intermittent fasting. Instead of what to eat people changes when to eat. Most people understand intermittent fasting as a weight-loss intervention. Fasting for short period helps people eat fewer calories which can lead to weight loss over time.

But in the long run, fasting has a risk factor for health such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, such as lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Also, it can affect your hormones. That’s because body fat is the body’s way to store energy (calories).

When you don’t eat anything, your body makes many changes to make it easier to access stored energy. So, try to cut calories but avoid intense fasting.

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