If a nutritionist advice taking white rice for brown!

August 31, 2021by swetha0

I would hearsay that many people under weight loss program are advised to take brown rice by most nutritionist, they often reject white rice. India and rice is a forever inseperable combination. Rice acts as the main course of food not only in India but also in other countries of the world. To the great excitement India will likely continue its dominance in the global rice market. 

white rice

 There are more than 7,000 varieties of rice with contrasting colours, shapes and sizes. This article focusses on to prove that white can also help you to achieve your goal in fitness.

White rice for brown:

               You may have any objective in fitness but while comes to change from white rice to brown rice for diet control, I had a question why not a white rice leads you better? White rice and brown rice both have their own rich nutrients and fibre. You can even continue white rice if you follow up in these ways;

Firstly calorie:

               Calorie intake is the first thing to consider while undergoing weight loss program. Brown rice contains lesser calories, this is the only reason why nutritionists focus on it. But white can also give you the same. To the matter of fact, calorie difference between both rice is much lesser i.e 19 calories. Therefore go on rice, but it’s important to practice portion control that prompts you from too many calories.

Bulk up with veggies:

               With rice, veggies will take up the place of remaining proteins and nutrients. Furthermore they are lower in calories. To cut off some calories mix some sauteed veggies with your rice. You can even add some less calorie legumes with your rice.

Words from damnfitt:

               Do you know? white can be a good pre workout option. Since it contains less fat and easily digestible carbohydrates. And have you ever noticed something that athletes and lifters always prefer white for their diet instead of brown. Because carbs like white colour rice are essential to fuel your physical training. So you can continue your weight loss and muscle gain program even with white.

Besides nutrients, which rice do you think more tastious? damnfitt

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