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July 24, 2021by swetha0

These days most of you prefer to do exercises at home more than getting trained by a fitness coach at gym. If you are training in a fitness centre you will have a tutor to encourage and guide you, but when you are at home you will not have such peeps who will even pull your leg that change your mind.To guide you better Obviously you may have the idea of purchasing a fitness watch tracker. In this article you can perceive the best tips to buy a fitness watch tracker that exactly suits you.

Fitness watch tracker:

               A fitness tracker definitely acts as your whole day companion. It lets you watch and record your heart rate, daily burned calories and count your steps. Self tracking assist you to stick to a healthier diet, exercise more and sleep better.

Which brand should you choose?

               Branded items make you feel unique coming into fitness the top 5 brands for fitness watches are:

  • Fitbit charge 4 (overall best)
  • Withings pulse (best value)
  • Apple watch (best high-end)
  • Garmin forerunner 35 (best for running)
  • Amazfit (best budget)

What battery capacity should you look for?

               Every Fitness bands need charging. The battery life of fitness bands varies from one another. Most of the garmin and fitbit bands, you can expect the battery life for 4 – 7 days. Some fitness watches do not require much charging. Thus a fitness watch with 4-7 days of battery life will long last for years with you.

Do you need a water resistant tracker?

fitness watch tracker

               To the matter of fact fitness band are meant to worn frequently, will you be wearing them while taking bath or going out to swim? No for sure. But you may have to face with rain or sweat and most of these fitness bands are water proof. Hence you can look for a water resistant band that perfectly stick on your hand.

What to select ? – With or without display

                Most of the fitness watches come with a rubber straps. Whether to choose a watch with display or not is also a vital subject to consider. Most of us like to have a watch with LED display to monitor all our daily fitness schedule.

There are some watches with touch screen facility to watch out the fitness activities from top to bottom in fingertips. While considering the trackers without LED display, you have to sync your mobile with them and view the progress. Purchasing a watch with display will be more appealing and certainly befits you.

Does the fitness band require GPS feature?

               Some fitness watch tracker have the built- in GPS feature. While your going out for running, jogging or cycling you definitely need a watch with GPS built- in facility. This will update you the weather conditions, distance covered etc .. if you have a watch without GPS, y ou have to carry your phone with you for GPS. Therefore you prefer to buy a watch with built -in GPS feature.


               Look before you leap is a common proverb that often comes around your ears. And so please do mind all these hints before purchasing a fitness watch tracker. Hopefully track your fitness journey.   

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