“Consistency, weight training and a right diet are the three keys to your remarkable health journey” – Pratibha Sharma

June 12, 2021by Kriti Kumar2


We all have our own stories to tell when it comes to health and fitness. In fact, we have our own stones waiting to be turned when we talk about weight loss or weight gain journeys.

Likewise, here I am, talking about the breathtaking journey of a Nutrition and Fitness coach, Ms. Pratibha Sharma and her tremendous transformation.

Being an army wife, a mother of two, and an epidemiologist professional, the expedition wasn’t easy. It was indeed a hell of a ride with a lot of ups and downs. Hereby I present to you everything that you might want to know about it.

“After having my first baby in 2010, my weight shot up to 90 kgs. Being an army wife, people expected me to stay fit and maintained. At the end of the day, I used to ask myself, why am I not in the perfect body shape? And that’s when my guilt factor came in. I spent days scrolling through the internet, looking for weight shredding strategies. From crash diets to paleo, I tried everything in the span of 7-8 months.”

But how long can you even last while eating ‘One Meal A Day? Do you think this strategy would have lasted?

Of course, these diets backfired and the moment she returned to her staple food, all that weight came back in. Now what?

With strict diet came dreadful consequences

Tired of exploring plenty of weight-loss diets, it was then when she decided to see a dietician and follow her.

“No salt after 7 pm, no good carbohydrates”
“No wheat, no rotis; no potatoes, no rice”

This was her bible for 1.5 years straight and strangely no exercises were prescribed. “I remember cutting myself off from all the social gatherings just for the sake of maintaining my diet. I followed it like it was my last resort.”

Do you think the results were as remarkable as you are expecting them to be?

Yes, Pratibha did lose upto 42 Kgs. But what about the other devastating repercussions she faced? Don’t you wanna know about that?

Weight loss came at the expense of her emotional well-being. With losing oodles of weight came a plethora of physiological complications.

“I remember whimpering over my hair fall, saggy thighs and stomach, pale skin, irregular periods, and whatnot.  Undereating led to stress, frustration, anger, and sleeplessness. I became temperamental with frequent mood attacks. I was in dire straits.”

“Despite being an epidemiologist by profession, a gold medalist in community medicine, and having a background full of doctors, I fell for these fat diets. My well-being was at stake but I did everything it took, just too loose a few inches.”

All that weight flushing back in

“But this is not where it ends. After a year of consistent diet, the moment I came back to my original diet, I resumed my staple food which mind you was solely dal, roti, veggies, and rice, I faced a major weight gain and came back to 72 Kgs from 46 Kgs. It took me entirely 1-1.5 years to lose that 40 Kgs and not even 6 months to gain all that weight back.”

It had to happen. Do you know why?  Because all she was losing on was that water weight and muscle mass.

“For a person like me who cares so much about maintaining a good body physique, I was staggered and depressed. I completely relied on tummy tuckers to hide those flaps. It was something without which I couldn’t  step out of my house”

Do you think weight gain comes easy?

With it comes tons of diseases, health problems, and complications. This is exactly what happened with Pratibha. She faced severe backaches, knee pains, and fatigue. It was then that she realized that she had done a disaster to her body and ruined her health.

The Silver Lining

“I got myself certified in the field of nutrition and fitness, started learning about quantified diet and weight training, and implemented it on my own self. This is where the journey began for me, I saw results.”

Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

Success adds up, it doesn’t happen overnight, isn’t it?

Similarly, Pratibha’s transformation also didn’t come overnight. It took her a year of strength training to reach a stage where she had those washboard abs, sturdy muscles, and that perfectly toned body. 



The key that Ms. Pratibha explored over the years of being in this vicious cycle of dieting, losing, and gaining is that it’s all crap.

Today, unfortunately, we are running behind the short-term goals. Weight loss has become a very easy task today because our only solution is to stop eating. But is it actually a solution or mirth of new troubles?

A year of pandemic has taught us that no money, no housing or no materialistic facility can serve you. At the end of the day, it all trickles down to your own body, your own immunity, and your health.

It’s time that we start prioritizing our health. Internal as well as external. Eat right to sleep right, lift right to live right, and be consistent to shine on the outside.

“What brushing our teeth is to us similarly fitness must be to our body.”

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  • Ackshita Sharma

    June 15, 2021 at 16:00

    Such a remarkable and inspired journey. After having child, I also lost my shape but if she can why not me. Thanks for sharing


  • Vishwas

    June 22, 2021 at 18:19

    This is such an amazing , realistic and relateable journey …. absolutely intrigued and so much in Awe of this hope this helps as much as possible and can’t wait to start my transformation journey with Her 🤞🤞


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