“Being strong is the new sexy”- Client Diaries of Pratibha Sharma

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Being an Indian with genes made up of gluten, how long do you think you can stay without eating good carbohydrates?

How long can you sustain a diet that doesn’t include your staple food?

“When we remove “t” from the diet, Die is formed. Is it that our diet is like a punishment for us that we’re dying internally?”

We all crave good food but the fear of gaining weight overshadows what we long for. And if it doesn’t, the aftermath is filled with guilt.

Pratibha focuses on how crucial it is for us to make our diets sustainable in order to stick to it. “Our diet must have food that we adore. Imagine yourself following a diet that doesn’t have even a single dearest food of yours. Do you think you will be able to stick to it?”

For instance, the keto diet is in no way sustainable for us Indians. It includes high protein, high fat, and no carbs. How long do you think you’ll be able to sustain without wheat, rice, or potato?

“Losing while eating is my way”

With a structured quantified diet, you can add anything to your diet. You have the liberty to eat anything to everything.

“I don’t think I ever withheld myself from any kind of food. There may be times when I was craving for chocolates and I went forward and ate them”

“Nowadays, I am even eating mangoes and making my clients eat it as well. There are times when my clients crave for a particular food and sometimes, I give them the liberty to have it.”

Weight training- a Taboo

“I remember it was my first day at the gym. I felt too awkward lifting the weights as I was the only woman there doing strength training.”

Don’t you think lifting weights has been taboo for females?

Pratibha even had clients who were worried about getting a manly physique after doing strength training.

Busting this huge myth she says, “There’s something that I want to convey very loudly especially to females. They’re afraid that their physique might become masculine if they’re lifting weights. Firstly, we do not have testosterone that promotes impulsive big muscle growth in men, and secondly, in our case, it requires a huge amount of hard work, a quantified diet, a good amount of protein, carbs, and fats to reach that stage.”

Shefali- Amidst her ongoing transformation

Ms. Shefali, aged 48 and the owner of The Bread Basket, decided to hop on a fitness journey with Ms. Pratibha 7 months back. She has already lost 7 Kgs and 20 inches so far and proved that age is just a number.

It’s never too late to begin, isn’t it? If you’re still contemplating whether or not it’s the right time to start,  this is your cue to jump right into the process!

Sukanya Ahlawat – Overcame Endometriosis

Sukanya was affected by endometriosis after her daughter’s birth and despite having surgeries, nothing worked out. “I was completely dependent on medication but realized that it cannot be a long-term solution. I knew working on my body was my light at the end of the tunnel”

“Over a few months of training and guidance, I realized that proper diet and exercise can cure any ailment. In fact, being trained under Ms. Pratibha, I realized that you can eat a variety of foods and still get fit. Eating clean and having a quantified diet makes all the difference.” Today, she’s grateful to Pratibha for doing something that even medications and surgeries couldn’t do.

Kabita Moirangthem – Lost 11 Kgs in 12 weeks

Amidst a very packed and tight schedule, Ms. Kabita wondered if she could ever stick to a training plan. Reflecting upon her sensational  transformational journey she says,

“Being a working woman and a mother, I never thought that I’ll ever be able to follow a diet chart and workout plans. But thanks to my nutritionist and fitness coach, Ms. Pratibha, she cleared all my doubts and encouraged me to start a body transformation journey. She patiently listened to all my requirements and took care of my daily food habits.”

60-year-olds lifting weights, where are you?

The Strong Senior | Getting Strong And Staying Strong After 60 — More Life  Health - Seniors Health & Fitness

Ms. Pratibha even has her 60-year-old parents doing strength training. Interesting isn’t it?

“Strength training has its own perks irrespective of your age and gender.” Speaking about her parents, she says “lifting weights will help them retain their muscles, whatsoever is left for that matter, and if they are consistent, they might even gain that muscle mass back.”

She stresses the importance of strength training and a quantified diet when it comes to fitness. Ms. Pratibha strongly believes that consistency, weight training, and following the right diet according to your calorie requirement is the key to your sensational health journey.


Ms. Pratibha has taught that it’s not only about being fit physically but working on your internal strength is equally vital. From good sleep to good mood, from good energy levels to good mental health, strength training got you covered.

Do you really need to spend insane hours at the gym to lose weight? No.

Do you need fancy workouts? No.

Do you need fancy diets?  No.

You don’t need to have to eat quinoa and blueberries if you don’t want to. You don’t have to waste time looking for them. All you need to do is eat in a calorie deficit, add resistance training to your workout and be consistent with the process.

“Nobody is looking for zero-figure girls nowadays. The obsession over Kareena Kapoor’s zero figure in Tashan is over. If you wanna be sexy today, then know that being strong is the new sexy.”


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