“Beginning my Yoga career at 42 : Is it too late?” – Seema

June 21, 2021by Kriti Kumar0


Seema, a housewife aged 42 and a mother of two, started her journey professionally in the field of yoga merely a few months back. You must be wondering, was it the right choice, or was it too late to do something new?

Being a housewife, starting a career mid-life wasn’t easy.

In an interview with Ms. Seema, a health and yoga instructor-

What is yoga, according to you?

“The very meaning of yoga is ‘to unite’. It is connecting the soul with the divine. It’s a journey which makes connects us with the divine energy present within us all and nourishes your body, mind, and soul.”

Seema believes that the discipline of Yoga is so profound that it’ll take you more than a lifetime to learn all about it. Be it shuddhi karan or pranayams, asanas or Ayurveda, havans, or acupuncture, yoga is everywhere.

She talks about the three limbs of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras- Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi


Fixing a target and setting your mind on that particular goal.


Concentrating on your goal and working towards achieving it. Dhyana is the uninterrupted flow of awareness towards a single point.


Samadhi is the state of consciousness in which oneness with the object of concentration or meditation is experienced. It is the experience of oneness with the individual spirit (purusha) or the Supreme Spirit (Param Purusha).

She highlights 6 vital steps of a yoga routine

Reflecting back on her own yogic regime, she tells us about the 6 important steps that we just cannot miss while doing yoga.

Shuddi Karan

She believes that you will not be ready to practice yoga without purification of your body. Shuddhi kriyas include neti, tratak, kapal bhati, dhauti, nauli, etc.


You must be wondering, what is the purpose of mantra in yoga? According to Seema, “Mantras create vibrations that take you beyond the intellectual faculties straight into deeper consciousness. Chanting mantra calms your soul and acknowledges the connection with the universe.”

Warm up

Before directly hopping onto the asanas, opening up of your joints becomes important. This includes joint movements and some mild stretching.


Next is finally beginning with the deeper asanas. She focuses on maintaining a posture for longer durations and attaining the right breathing alongside.

Yoga Nidra

She tells us how it is equally vital to relax your muscles after strengthening them. Yoga Nidra helps in relaxing your muscles, release long-held emotions and reduce stress.


Seema reiterates how equally important pranayam is at par with yoga and that’s why an equal amount of time must be devoted to it. “Regulating your breath is the key solution to all your health problems. Pranayam is therapy.”

How has yoga impacted your life?

“There was a time when I couldn’t live without soft drinks. But today, thanks to the control that I have achieved, I don’t even feel like having it, even when its right in front of me”

Stress interferes with our ability to think and act rationally in situations, isn’t it? Seema’s grateful to yoga for achieving emotional stability.

“Even amidst some heated up arguments I’m able to keep myself calm, relaxed and well-composed. My mind is often at ease, my stress levels have reduced and my confidence has boosted. The patience that I’ve gained over the course of time is impeccable”

What message would you like to give to today’s youth who’re crazy after gym training?

“The young generation is blindly following gym training. The point of yoga isn’t just fitness. It’s about your emotional and mental wellbeing too. Yes, you may get physically tough and sturdy but what about your spiritual wellbeing?”

“While yoga eases up your aches and pain, gym workout increases them. Yes, the gym may benefit your body, but yoga benefits your mind, body, and soul. Lift weights in the gym, your muscles will bulk up. But stretching those muscles while strengthening them will make you look leaner.”

In fact, do you think that it is feasible for every generation to go to the gym?

Yoga on the other hand is made for every age and every stage. It can prove to be useful even to a bedridden person.


The covid pandemic has brought about chaos and suffering. It’s time that we combat it with connectedness.  When we talk about establishing a connection, what’s better than yoga? In these times of dampened spirits, yoga will shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of your body.

Seema has proved that age is just a number and learning has no boundaries. She urges us to start our own yoga journey, indulge in the process, and evolve with it.

Why wait for the right time when you are the captain of your destiny?



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