“Be healthy or be dependent, Choice is yours!” – Shalini

June 12, 2021by Krati Jain1

Ms. Shalini is a personal trainer and fitness coach, specialist in female and special population. She started with her fitness journey in the year 2008 and with her constant efforts and dedication she has acquired ACE (American Council on Exercise) certification, Reebok certification, ACE certification of fitness nutritionist, core certification, kettelbell certification and TRX certification. She has also completed sport nutritionist course and is a pre and post natal expert. She is also a fitness educator and trains trainers for the same. She has also been fitness manager at ‘Anytime Fitness, Saket’.

After giving birth in 2005 her health started deteriorating. With the passing time she started facing back related health issues. One day when her daughter was around 2.5years old, Ms. Shalini was getting her ready for school. She was bathing her when she experienced severe backache as a result of which she was on bed rest for 15 days. During this time period she realized that it was high time now and she had to do something in order to get rid of these health related problems. Therefore, right after she got up she started practicing yoga which helped her recover soon. After complete recovery she was adamant that she was going to live a healthy and fit life from now on. She started working out on regular basis and lost a significant amount of weight.

At the age when people retire from this industry, she chose her passion as her carrier in order to help people become the fittest and healthiest version of themselves. She says she love helping people and teaching fitness satisfies her craving in direction of bringing out a positive change in people’s lives and this was the only reason she decided to get ACE certification. She especially wants to help female, not because she too is a female but because a female is always preoccupied with the family, chores and responsibilities that they pay no significant attention towards their health and are mostly restricted from going to gyms and other fitness training centers. Beside the fact that she wants people around her to be happy and healthy, she also wants to debunk the myths which prevail in India. In India she says people only prefer doing cardio in the name of fitness and are unaware of that fact that weight training is equally important. Cardio helps lose muscle which makes bone and muscles weak making your body more prone to diseases, she claims. Also, she wants to teach trainers lacking in knowledge due to which a lot of injuries take place. She wants to educate them all to let them know the do’s and don’ts while making people workout.

In her transformational journey, she says most important was preparing herself mentally and being determined. Taking out time for work out was a task she says, she had to wake up early and plan things so as to manage the chores altogether. Diet she mentions plays a vital role since 70% comes from diet only. No matter how much one is working out if one doesn’t have a good diet the whole workout goes in vain because eating anything like that rebuilds the calories one has lost. She doesn’t say that one shouldn’t eat at all but becoming calorie deficit is important. However, one must not get dehydrated 2-3 litre water intake is important in a day. Protein she says is very important. In India there is a myth that one shouldn’t consume protein however she says that if a person doesn’t include protein then that would hinder the growth of bones, muscles and hair. But the accurate amount of consumption according to bodyweight is necessary and also it should be consumed in small portions equally divided in the number of meals one have. Having a diet including carbohydrates, proteins, vitamin, fats, minerals, fibre and water intake is the key; your plate she says must be colorful to add good nutrition to your body.

When asked what fitness is to her, she states that fitness to her is not just about one’s experience but to her it is a combination of three- mental health, social life and physical fitness. She says that a person is fit only and only if he/she is mentally strong, that is able to cope up with the highs and lows, capable of building a social life and is free from diseases. It is not necessary to devote a whole lot of time to work out; 45min to 1 hour 4-5 days a week is enough. Even brisk walk helps one to be healthy, however it doesn’t contribute towards losing weight.  Not only cardio but a combination of cardio, weight training and yoga helped her transform. Cardio helped her in losing weight, weight training helped her in muscle gain and yoga helped her being flexible.

One can contact her on her phone number – 8447865080 or mail her on – Shalinifit@gmail.com. She ends on a note that if one wants to lead a happy, healthy, prosperous life; one must necessarily do some sort of work out. Taking out at least 30minutes from your 24 hours to do some sort of physical exercise, jogging, weight training or yoga in order to help you live on your own without depending on others is what one must work in the direction of.

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  • Gyanendra Namdeo

    June 18, 2021 at 03:40

    Bhabhi you are an inspiration to many women i’m proud of you..



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