Identify Who You Really Are With the Help of Yoga

June 9, 2021by Simran Tuteja0

“Yoga is the science of the mind”


When you know who you are, life becomes more simple. The happiness and joy that it brings to you cannot be compared with anything in the world. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses is a necessity to lead a better life. Every human needs to identify themselves because you might falsely identify yourself and end up making all wrong decisions. When you will weigh your progress and success, you will realize that you have reached a dead end. It is very likely that you don’t know yourself and getting to know who you really are is not an easy job.

Relation between true self and yoga

“Yoga is a way of life, and experiential science of human nature that enables us to realise our real selves”

-Bhavanani, 2011

The more we understand our purpose and ourselves, the easier we can relate to each other. Being self-aware can make us understand better, and then we can have more control over our life. It enhances our ability to make decisions regarding right and wrong hence making it easier when and what to accept or refuse something. This ability comes through an increase in discrimination (viveka) and non-attachment (vairagya). Yoga helps us develop these qualities and it is only through yoga that we can become more confident and gain more self-esteem.

Yoga can help you identify yourself

Yoga is the science of understanding the true identity of oneself. Yoga can help a person stay physically healthy and help relieve stress, anxiety and negativity. Yoga contributes to the improvement of life quality by enhancing our concentration power, clears us of negative thoughts and improves our memory.

Yoga aims to bring out the hidden talents of a person, leading to a more balanced and easier life. By regularly practising yoga, we can become more aware of the physical self and that helps us understand how our mind works and how it affects our personality. Hence yoga helps you discover yourself and enhances your knowledge of self.


It is an important part of your life to understand yourself. It is necessary to understand one’s strengths, weaknesses and everything about yourself. Understanding yourself includes the concept of self-identification, self-awareness and self-esteem. Yoga can help you solve the riddle: Who Am I? Yoga aims at understanding yourself and living a prosperous and joyous life by enhancing your memory, boosting your confidence and self-esteem and making you more self-aware.

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