Hatha Yoga makes you Mentally and Physically Fit

July 4, 2021by Amal Singh0

Hatha yoga is basically a series of various physical postures and breathing techniques. Basically, hatha means ‘force’ so it can be defined as ‘the yoga of force’ or means ‘a state of yoga which can be attain by force’. Hatha yoga is being practiced in different parts of the world over the years as it calms your mind, body, and soul.

Best hatha yoga poses for beginners


Can also be called as mountain pose is a part of hatha yoga for the beginners as it works as pillar for all the standing asanas. It helps the muscles in switching and improves the body posture. It should be performed on an empty stomach.


All you required to perform uttanasana is flexible hips, calves, hamstrings and the most important is patience. It can also be called as standing forward bend asana which is a simple reflection of reflux and flows in your body and life.


As the name suggests vriksha it is also known as tree pose. It stretches the legs, arms and back resulting in promoting the equilibrium in mind. It helps in improving the balance, open ups the hips, legs strong and also improves the concentration.


This asana is also known as plough pose it helps in reducing the stress and fatigue and also results in flexible shoulders & spine, calm your mind. This asana is great during the menopause as it reduces the symptoms. It also helps in curing the problem of insomnia, headache, infertility, and back pain.


Well if we talk about the health benefits of this head stand asana, there are many. It increases the blood flow in the neck, head, and face area of the body not only this it also relaxes the flow of blood in the lower region of your body which reduces the congestion of nervous and swelling.


Salabhasana can also be refer as locust pose. It helps in circulation of the blood and also stimulates the internal organs. It also helps in strengthening the legs, thighs, shoulders, and calf muscles not only this, but it also regulates the metabolism and helps in reducing weight.

Physical benefits of Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga helps in improving flexibility of the connective tissues, mobility of the joints, metabolism, flow of blood in the mind and cords, improves the function of heart and lungs. It also stimulates cell repair and regeneration and increases the energy levels.

Mental benefits of the Hatha yoga-

Hatha yoga helps in improving the concentration and it also sharpens your focus. It helps you in dealing with stress and anxiety and helps with the mental fatigue. Its calms you down and bring balance to the emotions.


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