Here’s how yoga will fire up your sex life

June 8, 2021by Kriti Kumar0

I bet there might have been days when you feel that your sex life has lost its spark. It’s not as happening as it used to be. So what do you do to spice it up?

Is it looking for flirtatious messages or role play ideas?  

Is it looking for a new hotel room or new porn episodes?

Trying new wine brands or new lubes is your way out?

While I have you contemplating,  there’s another thing that can set fire to your sex life and that is yoga. Yes, that’s right, twisting yourself into weird postures and positions can make you better in bed. 

Believe it or not, yoga can be the answer to everything. Here’s how. 

Yoga: A Stress Buster!

Now there may have been times when you feel damn impossible to get turned on. You’re not really into the process and there are tons of things bothering you. Don’t you think that it is the mental stress killing your mood and keeping you away from all that pleasure and intimacy? 

Here’s when the role of yoga will come into play. Yoga relaxes your body and reduces your stress levels. It will unlock all that trauma inhibiting your sexual desire, clear up the bottleneck feelings and calm the havoc inside your mind. Now once you have a clear mind, you will have room for sexual thoughts and desires. 

Congratulations! Now you can feel the intimacy and be present in the moment.

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Yoga: Strengthening the right muscles, wink!

Who doesn’t want to build up that stamina and last longer in bed?

In fact, to endure throughout, you will need to have strength in all the right places. Can’t relate? I’ll give you an example. It won’t be a surprise if your fantasy is shower sex but you not being able to balance yourself there can be a surprise element. You might dream about all-night banging sessions but get stuck when the question arises, ‘how?’

Pro tip: Try practicing yoga asanas like warrior pose, cobra pose, chair pose, frog pose, triangle pose, downward-facing dog pose, bridge pose, waterfall pose, etc to solidify those legs, pelvic, and core muscles.

Thanks to the flexibility, strength, and endurance you have gained due to yoga, you can now last longer in bed. 

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Yoga: Intensifying arousal!

A study was published in “The Journal of Sexual Medicine” that involved 40 healthy women, ages 22-50. They were asked about their sex lives before and after a 12-week yoga program and you’ll be staggered to know that 75% of them showed improvement in levels of desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, and sexual satisfaction, along with reduction of sexual pain being the cherry on top. 

It not only increases the desire and wetness among women but also enhances the erection quality and ejaculatory control in men reducing premature ejaculation. Doesn’t it sound like a win-win?

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Yoga: A Confidence Booster!

If you make an effort to have a healthy and sexy body,  a strengthened core, increased flexibility, and look good consciously, won’t you be on cloud nine with the highest self-esteem ever? 

Yoga doesn’t only give you robust energy but boosts your confidence and in turn- your sex life.

Lesson: Confidence is the new sexy to ace your sex game. 

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Amongst yoga’s perennial benefits, improving your sexual functioning is the seventh heaven.  

From exerting yourself during yoga asanas to gaining equilibrium and peace during the pranayams, yoga can improve your sex life in a myriad of ways. 

Try combining the strengthening abilities of yoga with its mindful aspect and see the wonders it’ll do. You’ll be more than ever ready to hit the bedroom and spice things up.

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