Cow Milk vs Buffalo Milk- What to choose?

June 29, 2021by Kriti Kumar0


The debates around cow and buffalo milk have been like a storm in a teacup.

Milk is not only a top food source of calcium but vitamin D and potassium as well, which lack the most in our diet.  From infancy to old age, milk is a lifelong staple.

It is common knowledge that milk is a highly nutritious and healthy drink to incorporate into your diet but it is highly uncommon that people know what type of milk is better- cow or buffalo?

Let’s talk nutrition!

1. Fat content

It’s the fat content of these two kinds of milk that instantly make them different from one another.

Of the two, buffalo milk has a higher percentage of fat content, which keeps your stomach fuller for a long time. On the other hand, cow’s milk is easier to digest due to its low-fat content. When it comes to the fat percentage in buffalo milk, on average it is two times more than that of cow milk.

2. Calcium

Buffalo milk is a rich source of calcium which is essential for the development of the bones. Children need calcium for their overall growth and to develop strength and height. Hence, as a source of calcium, buffalo milk is better for children above one year of age.

3. Protein

Buffalo milk contains more protein in comparison to cow milk. This high protein content generates heat resistance and is difficult to digest. So isn’t cow milk better for aged and infants?

4. Cholesterol

Cholesterol levels differ in both the milk, with buffalo milk being significantly lower in cholesterol. While buffalo milk has a cholesterol content of 0.65 mg/g, cow milk records 3.14 mg/g of cholesterol.

 5.Water Content

Cow milk reports higher water content compared to buffalo milk. This is because it contains fewer solids with about 90% of the milk being composed of water.

So what do you think is a better choice to keep you hydrated?

6. Calories

Since buffalo milk comes with more proteins and fat, it has more calories. For every 100ml of buffalo milk, you consume about 100Kcals. On the other hand, cow milk contains about 70 Kcals. Thus, buffalo milk can be enriching for infants over the age of one year.

Milk and weight loss!

If you’re on a diet to lose weight and improve your metabolic processes, cow milk would be the most appropriate option. If you’ve read the above article, you know why. Yes, because it is low in fat, protein, and calorie content.

On the other hand, if you want to gain weight and strengthen weak bones, buffalo milk is what you should have daily as it’s highly rich in carbs and fat.

Now you know why buffalo milk is a go-to choice for bodybuilders!

Milk and its yum usage!

Buffalo milk produces thick and creamy dairy products suitable for the manufacture of traditional (indigenous Indian) milk products like khoa, dahi, paneer, kheer, payasam, malai, kulfi, and ghee.

Cow’s milk, being less creamy and thick, is better used for sweets that are chenna-based products like sandesh, rasagolla, chumchum and rasamalai. Buffalo milk is used in some Western countries for the production of buffalo mozzarella cheese.


As cow’s milk works well for reducing obesity, protecting from thyroid diseases, and people with impaired digestion, buffalo milk is good for cardiovascular health and weight gain.

In spite of the salient difference between the two, both buffalo milk and cow milk are healthy. They both packed with essential nutrients and are a vital pre-requisite for healthy bones and dental health.

Don’t you think it’s wiser that you choose according to your health goals?

Don’t you think your own personal taste should make you choose?

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