Best Lean and Mean Calisthenics Diet

June 8, 2021by Kaushik Raj0

If you are looking for a calisthenics diet that will help you build lean muscle mass, make you stronger, and speed up recovery, then you are in the right spot. Once you have got your mind right about eating healthy, then the rest is easy just like bodyweight training in some way: you have a lot of choices to select from the healthy food, just like many of the bodyweight exercises you can make use of for your workout. So, here are the best calisthenic diets that you are required in your life to get the desired result.


As you know that protein is made up of organic compounds called amino acids. If the water is kept aside from our body, then 75% of what is left is amino acids. This is why protein is most important in fitness or bodybuilding. With the help of protein, muscle is repaired and made stronger and larger- thus leading to increases in strength and muscle mass. The sources of protein are lean meat, eggs, salmon, cottage cheese, lentils, oats, protein powder, milk, nuts and seeds. This is the high nutrients protein diet which we will add to our routine diet as per our body requirement.


Apart from protein, carbohydrates are also important for our body. When you eat carbohydrates, they are broken down into glucose and give energy to muscles. The sources of carbohydrates are potatoes, sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, fruits, vegetables and whole wheat bread. You have to take carbohydrates according to your workout plan. If you are doing a high-intensity workout then the keto diet may not be the best option, you have to take carbs and if you are doing less intensity workout then a lack of carbohydrates will most likely not harm your progress.


Fats are not harmful- not all of them at least. On the contrary, they are an essential part of your diet and should be consumed regularly for your body to function properly. The sources of fats are fatty fish, especially wild salmon, olive oil, avocado, and olives.


Most people don’t understand that staying hydrated is an important part of fitness and good health. Water is the most critical nutrient in our body. A study says that a loss of 5% water of your body weight during physical activities can lead to a decrease in work capacity of up to 30%. It is important to stay hydrated so that your performance cannot decrease.


You try to take a big part of your protein intake in breakfast and also include carbs and fat according to your training plan. As far as dinner is concerned, it should be light


4 eggs white and 2 whole eggs omelette.

100 grams chicken breast

Oatmeal with fruits

MEAL 2 & 3

Fish bowl

Steak and sweet potatoes fries

Mixed vegetables drizzled with olive oil.


Nowadays having a good diet is not difficult, just you have to employ your common sense and decide what is good for you. To lose or gain weight in a calisthenics diet you will have to keep a check on your weight rather than the weight of your food.

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